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Destiny and Destination - Client: CEFA Tunisie

Destiny and destination is a series of portraits about the construction of the individual work identity in north-western Tunisia, the most impoverished region of the country.


Since the Jasmin Revolution in 2011, political leaders have preferred to focus on institutional reforms while showing a reluctant attitude towards confronting unemployment and spatial disparities in access to opportunities.

The poverty rates stretch from 8% in the center-east region up to 32% in the center-west region, while there is a 20% gap between unemployment rates in dominant and underprivileged governorates.

Concomitantly, a flourishing and high-energetic youth chomps at the bit to re-shape its role in the new post-revolution economy. Some of this vitality is being aimed at creating social and agricultural enterprises in the North-West, the largest farmland area in the country.

This project is about this new generation of farmers and environmental entrepreneurs and their attempt to turn their destiny into their own destination.  

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